Tyler Texas Rose Festival


Texas Rose Festival

A Deb Ball full of 'Celestial Wonders'

This is not a typical post topic for me, but after a weekend of wondrous chaos and the fact that none of my school friends could comprehend what was happening, I thought it would be worth giving a little insight to the ridiculousness that is my home: Texas. The Tyler Rose Festival is an Debutante Ball on steroids that has been going for 84 years in a smallish town in Texas called Tyler. I am from Houston, not Tyler, but most of my dads family either lived their or is still living there; I mention this because in order to participate in the Rose Festival you must have some connection to Tyler. Their is a queen & ladies in waiting who are the girls still living in Tyler then their are duchesses, the out of town girls, aka me. 


Themed 'Celestial Wonders', each girl got some sort of spaced themed costume above we have: Ursa Major (the polar bear), Cassiopea, Rose Nebula, Super Nova, Cloud, Dawn and two others i'm not exactly sure of. The same man has designed the costumes for over fifty years, Winn Morton thought of over sixty different creative masterpieces to showcase in this years Rose Festival. I promise i'm not being biased when I say this years were my favorite collection of costumes I have seen after going to at least five different years festivals.


Susie has made all four of my cousins and my dresses for the Rose Festival, she is called the 'hoop skirt genius' and a hoop was one of the requirements I insisted on when picking my costume. I mean this is the only time in my life I will get to wear anything remotely this extra, might as well do it big! I remain in awe of the work she does, Susie had 15 dresses to make this year, each dress is hand maid from start to finish even down to every single sequin. The lengthy methodical process of making each dress differs from person to person, mine took 5 different fittings filled with corsets and the lovely Texas heat sending sweat down my legs.


As the extraness continues, an audience will fill with friends and family to watch the members of the court individually walk around the stage watching the beautiful creations Wynn envisioned come to life. Three of us, Cassiopea (Lizzie Darwin), Andromeda (me) and Pegasus (Morgan Weaver), were placed on stage together to portray a mythological story. Cassiopea brags of her daughter Andromeda's beauty upsetting Neptune who then ties Andromeda to a rock in the middle of the sea; luckily her true love pegasus comes and saves her from the sea monster. 



How to spend a day in Houston


HTX Brunch Bunch


Tinys No.5

The best brunch complimented by life changing chocolate chip cookies!

Hot as Hell. After 18 years of living in Houston, this is still the only way I know how to describe it's weather. With its obvious cons of the limiting of accessories and non stop sweating, the heat does provide pros. These pros Include your not being expected to walk more than about 15 feet to get anywhere aka the perfect time to whip out your heals and your wedges.

Tinys No.5 is my favorite brunch in the city, the beautiful open dining area stretches onto a porch where you are surrounded by beautiful boxwoods and hydrangeas. The menu has everything from a charcuterie board to a kale salad to a pesto grilled cheese, my personal favorite, but I can't stress enough you must get one of the famous chocolate chip cookies. 





Suite Caroline Salon


Suite Caroline Salon

the best colorist in New York City


Suite Caroline Salon, a soho salon on Greene Street, is full of clients from models like Katie Moore to normal people like myself. You will immediately feel cooler the moment you climb the one story walk up and enter the trendy salon environment. The vibes are relaxing and artistic, unlike many other high class salons they lack the upity, judgmental attitude so don't be afraid to go in sporting your weekend leisure wear. This is also important because it takes forever, aka 4-5 hours, to do a full highlight; I do have very thick hair but still. 

Sorry for the lack of an official picture, but here is a Before and after of my hair color! Malcolm Cuthbert is a magician I swear, he took my warm brassy balayage to a cool toned blonde.  


A glimpse into the creative work done at Suite Caroline! Not everyone is ready to take on neon green or turquoise, but these magical colors needed to be appreciated



Refinery's 29 Rooms


Refinery's 29 Rooms



10 Favorite Moments From Refinery's 29 Rooms


I kid you not, I had been waiting 365 days for this moment inside Refinery's 29 Rooms; the year prior I had made the great pilgrimage into Brooklyn but was confronted with a line that not even I was willing to wait in for a good Instagram. This year was the year, Taylor and I got our tickets and were ready to experience the wonderland of culturally relevant, socially woke & not to mention beyond aesthetically pleasing rooms Refinery 29 had created as there contribution to New York Fashion Week 2017. Below is a compilation of my ten favorites of the day; sadly we did not get to all 29 rooms but only missed a few that were not as promising to fit our Instagram aesthetic (YES we are those people, my apologies to anyone who has to deal with us). Enjoy :)

disco Wonderland
Cloud Ten
Laughomatic Noodle Room
Woman's Rights are Human Rights
Gender is a Social Construct
IMG_1376 copy.jpg

The Future Is Female

My absolute favorite room; embracing the power of the female mind and soul I felt I was walking into the future!

A Feminist: some one who believes in the political, social and economical equality of the sexes
Flower Power
IMG_1566 copy.jpg
I'm Getting Pappered

Snowy Day & Cotton Candy Skies

If you know me at all you know I would like to live my life in pink everything all the time; with a giant snow globe surrounded by pink skies, pink earmuffs, pink furniture I was pretty sure I had found my heaven. 


RuPaul's Drag Con NYC


RuPaul's Drag Con NYC



RuPaul's Drag Con graces New York for the first time in HERstory!!!

If you want to go to a place where you can wear hot pink eyeshadow and not be the most extra person in the room, Drag Con is your place! RuPaul created a wonderland of products, glitter an QUEENS! From the reigning queen Sasha Velour to the sickeningly fabulous Violete Chachki; almost all of my favorite queens sashayed their way down the pink carpet to their booth decorated to each queens persona. Make up, lashes and wigs were scattered like snow; My only regret of the weekend was not wearing a pink wig and ten feet long lashes. Don't be a drag just be a Queen & enjoy a little taste of Drag Con NYC.

(Left) Violete Chachki, winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 7. (Right) Sasha Velour, winner of RuPaul's Drag Race season 9. 

 Peppermint, season 9                      Naomi Smalls, Season 8                              Kimchi, season 8


Farrah Moan

As she walked into the work room wearing a bubblegum pink wig and highlighter from ear to ear, Farrah immediately became one of my favorite queens of season 9. Famous for her endearing 'moaning', Farrah made here meme debut with her infamous, "*dying whale noise* No..! *sniff* No...." as her fellow queen Eureka had to leave the show. The fangirl inside of me immediately poured out of my mouth as I complemented her flawless makeup; to my joy, she replied by complementing my eye look inspired by her pink season 9 looks. I'm surprised I did not melt on the spot and was able to capture this fabulous moment.


Eyes by Delphine mason & inspired by Farrah Moan 



Brunch'n like Carrie Bradshaw

Sarabeths & The Cafeteria. The frequented brunch spots of everyones favorite New Yorker, Carrie Bradshaw!

Sarabeth's. 40 Central Park South

The Cafeteria. 119th 7th Avenue