BULLETIN mini mall

Brooklyn native feminist iconically pink store comes to Flat Iron!


"Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed," Elle Woods said it all, pink is always a good idea. Show me a store that is top to bottom pink sprinkled with glitter and neon lights and I'm already 99.9% guaranteed to like it, but BULLETIN mini mall surpassed all my expectations. Located at 927 Broadway slightly down town from the Flat Iron, this small store front provides a little slice of heaven for 'Nasty Women' like myself. 


A female centered Beyonce aura inspired vibe fills the store from the attitude of the lovely staff to the hot pink Christmas tree. Have you ever been in a store where you don't even know what to pick up because you want so much??? I had to make a full lap of the store just to prioritize what I wanted the most or I would have walked out with half of the merchandise. The store has products to please the most avid feminist to a girl who is simply there as a Brittany Spears fan; with the clueless playlist sounding in the background it is almost impossible to leave empty handed.


I am a sucker for a good photo booth..... you better believe I will not be leaving anywhere without a super close up face picture. BULLETIN mini mall took it to a whole new level with a photo booth that created a gif.