HTX Brunch Bunch


Tinys No.5

The best brunch complimented by life changing chocolate chip cookies!

Hot as Hell. After 18 years of living in Houston, this is still the only way I know how to describe it's weather. With its obvious cons of the limiting of accessories and non stop sweating, the heat does provide pros. These pros Include your not being expected to walk more than about 15 feet to get anywhere aka the perfect time to whip out your heals and your wedges.

Tinys No.5 is my favorite brunch in the city, the beautiful open dining area stretches onto a porch where you are surrounded by beautiful boxwoods and hydrangeas. The menu has everything from a charcuterie board to a kale salad to a pesto grilled cheese, my personal favorite, but I can't stress enough you must get one of the famous chocolate chip cookies.