10 Favorite Moments From Refinery's 29 Rooms


I kid you not, I had been waiting 365 days for this moment inside Refinery's 29 Rooms; the year prior I had made the great pilgrimage into Brooklyn but was confronted with a line that not even I was willing to wait in for a good Instagram. This year was the year, Taylor and I got our tickets and were ready to experience the wonderland of culturally relevant, socially woke & not to mention beyond aesthetically pleasing rooms Refinery 29 had created as there contribution to New York Fashion Week 2017. Below is a compilation of my ten favorites of the day; sadly we did not get to all 29 rooms but only missed a few that were not as promising to fit our Instagram aesthetic (YES we are those people, my apologies to anyone who has to deal with us). Enjoy :)

disco Wonderland
Cloud Ten
Laughomatic Noodle Room
Woman's Rights are Human Rights
Gender is a Social Construct
IMG_1376 copy.jpg

The Future Is Female

My absolute favorite room; embracing the power of the female mind and soul I felt I was walking into the future!

A Feminist: some one who believes in the political, social and economical equality of the sexes
Flower Power
IMG_1566 copy.jpg
I'm Getting Pappered

Snowy Day & Cotton Candy Skies

If you know me at all you know I would like to live my life in pink everything all the time; with a giant snow globe surrounded by pink skies, pink earmuffs, pink furniture I was pretty sure I had found my heaven.