Volez, Voguez, Voyagez

Take a journey through the history of Louis Vuitton and experience the evolution of the brand's trademark designs.


The exhibit is located in the heart Of New York's Finical District finding its home in the American Stock Exchange Building from October 27th to January 7th. A must see for any fashion or history lover, my only advise is 100% reserve your spot online so you don't get stuck in an endless line in the arctic tundra winds. Focussing in on the idea of the brands evolution being a journey, the exhibit plops you into the cleanest looking subway I've ever seen with the first stop tiled as 'Louis Vuitton'.  When you continue on you are presented with a portrait of the man himself, Vuitton followed by his own personal trunk a piece any connoisseur of vintage fashion can't help but drool over. 


The only way I could think to describe the exhibit is a living time line of the art that showcases the amazing way the designs adapt through the evolution of time. Trunks, post cards, advertisements, registries are among the various original pieces on display in the first exhibition room. My inner Carrie Bradshaw shone in full brightness when I found the dreamiest trunk of them all: a vintage woman's trunk solely dedicated to shoes!


A hall that exhibits many LV's original advertisements showcases a variety of creations possible through the brand. Unfortunately the trunk has lost its importance in a persons travel essentials, yet one piece showcased did not: the carry all. Though the looks of the bag has changed, the idea for a bag that could do it all was at the beginning of the Vuitton's vision for the brand.


The journey continues in a room containing the most unique vintage travel pieces arranged on one side in a scenic desert night and the other on the deck of a wooden ship.  A steamer trunk on a yacht deck, a coper trunk in the desert, and even trunks that were taken on the Croisière Noire, a mission through Algeria, Mali and the Congo from 1924 to 1925 organized by André Citroën of the French car company. Even more unique is the trunk that folds out into a cot, as some one who has been forced on many camping trips with my dad I was especially envious on this piece.


As time goes on, lifestyle becomes the focus from grooming kits and book cases to table wear and picnic baskets, LV found a way to establish itself as not only travel goods but also every day essentials. Men and women alike were provided with every possible thing they could need or even imagine, If you could live surrounded by the beautiful hand crafted works of LV why not?


Life style evolved over time from more focus on prioritizing function to today where function and fashion share equal importance within the brand. Through this evolution the brand expanded into various collaborations with brands such as Supreme and artists like Jeff Koons in addition to bringing clothing into the mix.


Staying true to the museum vibes the 'Exit through the gift shop' followed the exhibit, but it's Louis Vuitton so they of corse added an extra flare. You enter a room with two woman working at two separate tables hand mending pieces of leather that you later see appear as a personalized luggage tag from the event. If this was not your cup of tea, the gift store had many various unique items including beautiful books bound in LV printed leather, unique perfume travel kits, deskwear and other small specialty items.